Chanting Book (Abhayagiri)

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Download this file (abhayagiri_monastic_foundation_chanting_book_revision_2010.pdf)Chanting Book[Abhayagiri - v angleščini]310 kB


  • Dhamma Discussion with Bhante Sangamaji (28. 06. 2022)

      Welcome to join us for the Dhamma Discussion with Bhante Sangamaji at Samanadipa on Sunday, 3rd July at 12:00.   You are most welcome to join also earlier if you want to offer a meal offering to the Sangha.

  • Vesak celebration on 15 May (05. 05. 2022)

    JOIN US FOR THE VESAK:   Join us to celebrate together Buddha Day! It is a great opportunity when we can together express our appreciation for the teaching that has been shared with us. The day starts at 10:30 when you can with others ceremonially offer rice. Then follows shared lunch and Dhamma...

  • Popoldansko učenje - 1. maj 2022 - ODPOVEDANO (29. 04. 2022)

    Vabljeni na brezplačno učenje o Buddhovem nauku, ki bo to nedeljo, 1. maja. Začne se ob 12:30, lahko pa pridete že pred kosilom ob 11h, če želite prispevati kuhano hrano. Po kosilu potem vodi predavanje bh. Hiriko v slovenščini, sledi odmor z meditacijo in potem bh. Nyanamoli bo odgovarjal na...

  • Posting gifts to Samanadipa from outside of the EU (11. 02. 2022)

    If you are sending a gift from any country that is not a member of the EU please make sure that on the package is written a name of a monk and below “Gozdni budistični samostan Samanadipa.” We recommend that the value of the gift is not more than €45. Taxes, duties, and a clearance fee may be due and...

  • Ambassadors visit of the Hermitage (04. 02. 2022)

          Samanadipa Hermitage recently received separately two very special visitors who came here for a discussion on future projects and also on Dhamma with Ajahn Hiriko: - The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand, H.E. Ms. Morakot Sriswasdi; and -...

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