Kathina Program


Celebration at Samanadipa Forest Hermitage
on Sunday 4th November


10:15 Offering of rice to the Sangha on Pindapata. (All invited to join in.)

Formal offering of the food to the Bhikkhu Sangha.
(Cooked food should be placed on the tables provided.)

Shared meal for all.

12:15 Assemble for the main proceeding.

12:30 Introduction talk.

Requesting the Five precepts (turn to the back page).

Paritta – Blessing Chanting.

Formal offering of the Kathina cloth.

Short Dhamma Talk by Ajahn Hiriko.

Anumodana Chant.

A break for 10 min

The Dhamma Talk by Ajahn Kondanyo.

After the talk follows time for tea, coffee and roasted chestnuts.

© SloTheravada, 2018

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